Brahminpedia is a Brahmin Encyclopedia. It seeks to provide a counter-narrative to the usual Hinduphobia and Brahmin-bias that is inherent in post-modern multi-cultural Western and leftist-secular Indian discourse, as far as main-stream narrative on India and Hinduism are concerned. Some of the questions that Brahminpedia tries to answer are:
  • Who are the Brahmins? See here.
  • How do I spot a fake Brahmin?
  • Why are Brahmins generally very intelligent?
  • Was the Reservation Policy of Government of India a CIA conspiracy to force Brahmins to migrate to USA and turbo-charge American Science and Technology?
  • Why did Muslim invaders slaughter Brahmins?
  • Why did Christian Missionaries try to discredit Brahmanas and tortured and killed them?
  • Is it true that almost all great achievements in Science, Philosophy, Art and Culture in India since historic times are because of the 5% Brahmin population in India?
  • Why are do Brahmins dominate all fields despite being a victim of an oppressive Reservation system?
Brahminpedia will try to answer all the above questions, as well as those questions which have not yet been articulated.

Brahminpedia talks about the history and culture of Brahmins (Brahmanas):
  • Biographies of important people
  • Migration of Brahmins over the ages
  • Analysis of copper-plate grants by Kings to Brahmins
  • Gotra and Lineage Analysis of Brahmin families
  • Study of Veda, Vedanaga, Vedanta, Itihasa and Puranas to establish Brahmin chronology
  • Estimating absolute dates of  historic events
  • Historical Foreign Brahmins of repute (Cambodian Brahmins, Thailand Brahmins etc)
The author Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay can be reached at subhodeep.mukhopadhyay@gmail.com

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