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Dalit View of Brahmins

Dalit View of Brahmins Dalit Billionaires Businessman Rich
Rich Dalit Businessmen and Billionaires of India
How do Dalits view Brahmins? This essay will explore the Dalit view of Brahmins. It will try to understand from the Dalit point of view what they think about Brahmins, their origins, their culture, and their customs. 

Generally Dalits refer to Brahmins as "plague to India" or "cancer" or "most cruel race" . [1] [5] 

Many Dalits claim to face discrimination even  in the private Information Technology sector. As per Mangal:
Absolutely true…I work in a largest IT firm in India..and I can see it (discrimination) clearly…. Rest part sort from work place is also true. [1]

At Brahminpedia, we do not agree with most of these far-fetched and ridiculous claims of our Dalit brothers. As open minded people, we always try to understand what others think of us and try to understand our current problems. In ancient India this was called "purvapaksha" or putting oneself in the others shoes to understand our own selves.

Some major theories that Dalits harbor about Brahmins:
  1. Former actress Aishwarya Rai, a Bunt communitty shudra, was a victom of Brahmin conspiracy. According to noted Dalit mouthpiece Dalit Nation: The wily upper caste people in Bollywood tried to set up Aishwarya Rai with the upper caste wallahs. But our Shudra sister Aishwarya never relented. It was during this time when she was harassed by these papans that Salman Khan rescued her. Salman Khan being a muslim wanted to get married to Aishwarya Rai and save her from the oppressive Hindu caste system. [5]
  2. Brahmins domintae cricket using their caste hegemony and not talent. Dalitnation, the Only Authentic Voice of Dalits says: [6] Look at the list of Brahmin Indian cricketers: Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri, Anil Kumble, Javagal Srinath, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, Vinoo Mankad, Ajit Wadekar, G.R.Vishwanath, EAS Prassana, Ishant Sharma, Yashpal Sharma, Chethan Sharma, Manoj Prabhakar, B Chandrashekar, K Srikanth, L Sivaramakrishnan, Dilip Doshi, Sunil Joshi, Rohit Sharma, Venkatesh Prasad, Ashok Malhotra,  VVS Laxman, Murli Karthik, Sreeshashant,  Dileep Sardesai, Sanjay Manjrekar,ML Jaisimha, Sudhakar Rao, TA Shekar and many many more. The 4% brahmins in India have on an average more than 70% representation in the cricket teams. 
  3. Ram Janmabhoomi movement was a Brahmin conspiracy to make that Dalits the Muslims so that Dalits and Shudras forgot about their reservations and rights. [7] 

Some Dalits believe that Brahmins are genetically from Khazarian Jewish tribes of Russia. Others believe that Brahmins are descendants of the mythical "Aryan" race and so they cannot be Jewish. [1] It may be noted that the so-called controversial and divisive Aryan Invasion theory first propounded by British race scientists and Indologists and then supported by Dalit, Bahujan and Dravidian extremists has been thoroughly debunked and discredited. [2] [3]

According to Dalits, Brahmins killed the Mauryan Empire which was per them "India’s only decent empire in the past". They beleive that Brahmins killed the Marathas and let the British invade India. [1]

Westernization of India
Dalits beleive that Brahmins are the main people behind the forced westernization of India even though 85% of people there will never be westernized. [1]

Brahmins and Islam
Dalits beleive that Brahmins hate Islam because it bans usury and race superiority which is what they love a lot. [1]

Brahmins and Buddhism
Dalits beleive that Brahmins destroyed buddhism. [1]

Open Defecation
Dalits beleive that 80% of Indians now defecate on the road because the brahmin elite do not care at all about lower people. [1]

Dalit View of Brahmins Indias first dalit billionaire Rajesh Saraiya
Dalit billionaire Rajesh Saraiya
Brahmin Privileges
According to the militant Dalit extremist group Velivada, Brahmins enjoy the following privileges:
1. They don’t face housing problems as Dalits and Muslims face even in metro cities
2. Media especially movies, soap serials are obsessed with Brahmin men and show them in good light while distorting the image of so-called lower castes
3. Can get any job (of high position) at any media house, government sector or private firm doesn’t matter, what matters is the “Janeu” that holds them together
4. They receive high wages for their little work and are granted as many holidays as they want and still would get more credit than others and would get promoted without any question
5. People are ready to be friends with them because society accept ‘Sharma’, ‘Trivedi’ or ‘Devedi’ easily
6. Exploit or rape women but they are never put behind bars for any crime
7. They never face serious punishment, no matter how heinous the crime is
8. Have caste connections (read Janeu connections!) in politics, academia, media and so called progressives circles so no need to worry at all everything will be done while Dalits struggle
9. Never murdered/lynched for love (not that we want them to be lynched or murdered)
10. Their identity is never questioned, never are they are made to feel sorry for their existence

Caste System
According to Dalits, the invention of caste system has been the Brahmin’s greatest achievement. In this system he has placed himself at the top to enjoy all comforts without any physical work. It fetches him great admiration, respect in the name of hollow merithood and claims divine powers which make him powerful than any of the men around him. This all he does at the cost of misery and lives of others whom he made inferior to him. He has crafted such a kind of environment in the society that is very selective which helps him a lot but affects seriously down the order up-to-the bottom. It even denies the human rights by pushing them down to the level of animals. [1]

Dalits beleive that all scholarship in India are confined to the Brahmins. 

Brahmins Alleged Powers
According to Dalits, the power and position which the Brahmins possess is entirely due to the Hindu Civilisation which treats them as supermen and subjects the lower classes to all sorts of disabilities so that they may never rise and challenge or threaten the superiority of the Brahmins over them. [4]

Dalit View of Brahmins Dalit Businessman chandra bhan prasad
Dalit Businessman



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