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Somaraja Malhar Stone Inscription Jajalladeva Chedi

Somaraja (Sanskrit: सोमराज , Bengali: সোমরাজ ) was a Brahmin who lived around 1168 CE in Mallala (Malhar) in Tummana during the reign of Jajalladeva of the Chedi family. He was the younger son of Gangadhara who had migrated from village Kumbhati in Madhyadesha. Somaraja belonged to the Krishnatreya Gotra and the three pravaras of Atreya, Archananasa and Syavashva.

He is described as: "that illustrious Somaraja, whose unique feet are an object of adoration for the people, causing great joy, free from blemishes, a treasury house of numerous arts; who holds the position of king of the twice-born, is possessed of wide and abundant splendor, inasmuch as he avoids the company of the dull, and is an ornament of the orb of the earth."

Somaraja was an expert in:
  • Nyaya (the teaching of Akshapada / Gotama)
  • Vaisheshika (the doctrine of Kashyapa / Kanada)
  • Samkhya
On account of his scholarship he was able to defeat in debates the Charvakas, the Bauddhas and the Jainas.

Somaraja is associated with the construction of the Kedara temple (Shiva) at the town of Mallala (Malhar) in modern day Bilaspur District of Chhattisgarh.

This is recorded in the Malhar Stone inscription of Jajalladeva of the Chedi Year 919 or 1168 AD.

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