Sunday, March 5, 2017


Prithvidhara Malhar Stone Inscription Ratnadeva Chedi

Prithvidhara (Sanskrit: पृथिविधर , Bengali : পৃথিবিধর) was a Brahmin who lived around 1100 CE in village Kumbhati in Madhyadesha

Prithvidhara belonged to the Krishnatreya Gotra and the three pravaras of Atreya, Archananasa and Syavashva. His feet was supposed to have been "covered with the lustre of jewels which like sprouts were trembling on the heads of rows of protectors of the earth bowing down before him."

Around 1135 CE his son Gangadhara migrated to Mallala in Tummana (Malhar in modern day Bilaspur District of Chhattisgarh) and was honored with a gift of the village of Kosambi by Chedi prince Ratnadeva.

This is recorded in the Malhar Stone inscription of Jajalladeva of the Chedi Year 919 or 1168 AD.

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