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Gangadhara Malhar Stone Inscription Ratnadeva Chedi

Gangadhara (Sanskrit: गङ्गाधर , Bengali : গঙ্গাধর) was a Brahmin who lived around 1135 CE in village Kumbhati in Madhyadesha. His younger son was Somaraja and he belonged to the Krishnatreya Gotra and the three pravaras of Atreya, Archananasa and Syavashva. His father was Prithvidhara.

Gangadhara is described as "bearing on his head the beautiful title of King of the wice-born". He always had knowledge as a third unique large eye. He warded off the irresistible passion of love and secured for himself excellent welfare. In a crowd of hostile disputants, he resorted to arguments difficult to meet.

He later migrated to Mallala in Tummana (Malhar in modern day Bilaspur District of Chhattisgarh) and was honored with a gift of the village of Kosambi by Chedi prince Ratnadeva, after washing his lotus-feet with water.

This is recorded in the Malhar Stone inscription of Jajalladeva of the Chedi Year 919 or 1168 AD.

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