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Karpattika (Sanskrit: karpaTTika, Bengali : ) was a Brahmin (Brahmana) who lived around 443 CE in Pundravardhana region of North Bengal.  In the Gupta Period, Pundravardhana[1] referred to the region of Bogra-Rajshahi-Dinajpur of modern West Bengal and Islamic Bangladesh.

Karpattika made an application before the local governnment for a permanent grant to him, according to nivi-dharma of one kulyavapa of untilled aprada khila land for convenient performance of his Agnirhotra rites, upon receipt from him of a price at the usual rate of three dinaras for each kulyavapa. His prayer was granted by the local government of Kotivarsha vishaya in Pundravardhana.

This is recorded in the 443 CE Damodarpur Copper-plate Inscription of the Gupta Year 129. 


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