Monday, November 14, 2016


Devabhatta (Sanskrit: देवभट्ट , Bengali : ) was a Brahmin (Brahmana) who lived around 439 CE in Pundravardhana region of North Bengal. In the Gupta Period, Pundravardhana referred to the region of Bogra-Rajshahi-Dinajpur of modern West Bengal and Islamic Bangladesh.

He belonged to Vajasaneya charana, and was versed in the four Vedas. 

Devabhatta was one among 3 Brahmins to be gifted land as Akshayanivi in 3 villages Hastishrishavibhakti, Gulmagandhika and Dhanyapatalika so that they could perform their Pancha-Mahayagya uninterruptedly. The other 2 Brahmins were Amaradatta and Mahasenadatta.

This is recorded in the 439 CE Kalaikuri Sultanpur Copper-plate Inscription of the Gupta Year 120. 

(2) Kalaikuri Copper-Plate Inscription of the Gupta Year 120." IHQ XIX, 1 (1943): 12-26

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