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Prahasa (Sanskrit: प्रहास , Bengali: প্রহাস ) was an accomplished Vedic scholar who belonged to a Brahmin family renowned for its scholarship. He belonged to an orthodox family and was adept at performing religious rites as per injunctions of the shastras. Prahasa lived around 1087 AD.

He belonged to the Bharadvaja gotra. His ancestors were originally from Tarkari in Sravsati region of North Bengal (West Bengal and Islamic Bangladesh). From there they moved to neighboring Balagrama village and from some of them moved to a neighboring place called Shiyamava.

The Silimpur Stone Slab inscription of 1087 CE lauds him for his learning, sense of justice, truthfulness and freedom from avarice. He was a famous scholar and well-known for his expertise in Tarka Sahstra, Tantra and Dharma Shastra1.

Achievements of Brahmin Prahasa

  • Prahasa set-up an image of Amaranatha (Lord Shiva) during a temple erection.
  • He dedicated an image of Trivikrama (Lord Vishnu) and excavated a tank for the spiritual benefit of his parents.
  • He built an alms-house.
  • King Jayapaladeva of Kamarupa tried to offer him 900 gold coins and landed property yielding an income of 1000 coins,  which Prahasa staunchly refused.
His father's name was Kartikeya (Sanskrit: कार्तिकेय , Bengali: কার্তিকেয় ).


(1) Migrant Brahmanas in Northern India, Swati Datta, Motilal Banarasidas, 1989

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