Friday, April 22, 2016

Sahasraksha Maitra

Sahasraksha Maitra / सहस्राक्ष मैत्र / সহস্রাক্ষ মৈত্র was a Brahmin who lived around 1578 in Nabadvip area of Nadia district. He belonged to the Maitras family of Mandaljani of Kashyapa Gotra being Varendra Brahmins. 

Sahasraksha who was a staunch Vaishnava and a worshipper of Lord Krishna. 

His father was Mahesha Maitra. Sahasraksha's brother was Krishnananda Agamavagish who was a renowned Pandita and Sadhaka of Veda and Tantra traditions, a mantra-siddha and the author of the Brihat Tantrasara, the most exhaustive worship and sadhana text of Eastern India for Veda and Tantra sadhakas. 


  1. Banger Jatiya Itihasa - Barendra Brahman Bibaran, Shri Nagendranath Basu (pp. 167 - 171)

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