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Grants to Brahmins as per Hirahadagalli Plates of 283 AD

In this article I will talk about Grants to Brahmins as per Hirahadagalli Plates of 283 AD.

The Hirahadagalli Plates were found in Hirehadagali, Bellary district and is one of the earliest copper plates in Karnataka and belongs to the reign of early Pallava ruler Shivaskanda Varma. Pallava King Sivaskandavarman of Kanchi of the early Pallavas ruled from 275 AD to 300 AD, and issued the charter in 283 AD.

Vijaya Skandavarman (Sivaskandavarman) was king of the Pallava kingdom at Bellary region in Andhra, and viceroy of Samudragupta at Kanchipuram. The writer of the grant was privy councillor Bhatti Sharman and was supposed to be valid for 100,000 years.

As per the Hirahadagalli Plates of 283 AD, Pallava King Sivaskandavarman granted an immunity  viz the garden of Chillarekakodumka, which was formerly given by Lord Bappa to the Brahmins, freeholders of Chillarekakodumka and inhabitants of Apitti. Chillarekakodumka has been identified by some as ancient village Chillarige in Bellary, Karnataka.

Grants to Brahmins as per Hirahadagalli Plates of 283 AD - Ballari Map

List of Brahmins as per Hirehadagali Plates of 283 AD
  1. Golasharmarya / गोलशर्मार्य / গোলশর্মার্য় of Atreya gotra
  2. Agnisharmarya / अग्निशर्मार्य / অগ্নিশর্মার্য় of Atreya gotra
  3. Mathara  / माठर / মাঠর of Harita Gotra
  4. Agmila / अग्मिल / অগ্মিল of Harita Gotra
  5. Kalasharman / कालशर्मन् / কালশর্মন of Harita Gotra
  6. Kumarasharman  / कुमारशर्मन् / কুমারশর্মন of Bharadvaja Gotra
  7. Kumaranandin / कुमारनन्दिन् / কুমারনন্দিন of Kaushika Gotra
  8. Kumarasharman  / कुमारशर्मन् / কুমারশর্মন of Kaushika Gotra
  9. Kottasharman / कोट्टशर्मन् / কোট্টশর্মন of Kaushika Gotra
  10. Shakti / शक्ति / শক্তি of Kaushika Gotra
  11. Bhatti / भट्टि / ভট্টি of Kashyapa Gotra
  12. Skandakoti /  स्कन्दकोटि / স্কন্দকোটি of Bharadvaja Gotra
  13. Skandariddha / स्कन्दऋद्ध / স্কন্দঋদ্ধ of Vatsya Gotra
  14. Bappa / बप्प / বপ্প of Vatsya Gotra
  15. Dattarya / दत्तार्य / দত্তার্য় of Vatsya Gotra
  16. Nandyarya / नन्द्यार्य / নন্দ্যার্য় of Vatsya Gotra
  17. Rudrasharman / रुद्रशर्मन्  / রুদ্রশর্মন of Vatsya Gotra
  18. Damarya / दामार्य  / দামার্য়
  19. Shyalasharman / श्यालशर्मन् / শ্যালশর্মন
  20. Parimita / परिमित  / পরিমিত
  21. Naganandi/ नागनन्दि  / নাগনন্দি
  22. Goli / गोलि / গোলি
  23. Skandasharman / स्कन्दशर्मन्  / স্কন্দশর্মন
  24. Svamarya / स्वाम्यार्य  / স্বাম্যার্য়
Agnisharmarya was chief among these Brahmanas.

World in 300 CE
  • Gupta empire ushers India into its "Golden Age".  North India was slowly coming under the control of the great Hindu Gupta dynasty. Sri Gupta, a follower of Hindu sect of Vaishnavism was the Gupta ruler. 
  • South India, Malay peninsula and Indo-China are under the reins of Early Pallava rulers.
  • Deccan was under the control of Vartaka Dynasty.
  • Tartars conquer Northern China but are driven away by Han rulers.  Chinese empire extends towards Central Asia.
  • Roman empire continues to dominate Europe.  
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