Friday, April 29, 2016

Gangadhar Acharya

Gangadhar Acharya / गङ्गाधर आचार्य / গঙ্গাধর আচার্য was a renowned Brahmin scholar who flourished around 1880 CE. He was the first Principal of Midnapore College[1].

Gangadhar was the headmaster of Midnapore Collegiate School from 1869 to 1892[2].

In 1889 his youngest daughter got married to Satishchandra Vidyabhushana (born 1870), the famous Nyaya and Logic exponent of 19th century Bengal.


  1. A History Of Indian Logic by Vidyabhusana, Satish Chandra - Foreword by Asutosh Mookerjee

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