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Kumarasvamin (Sanskrit: कुमारस्वामिन् , Bengali: কুমারস্বামিন্ )  was a Brahmin (Brahmana) who lived around 607 CE in Udumbaragahvara in Punjab. He was a Chaturvedin (knower of 4 Vedas), was of Parashara Gotra and belonged to the Vajasaneya Vedic school.

His father was Budhasvamin (Sanskrit: बुधस्वामिन् , Bengali: বুধস্বামিন্  ). His son was Agnisvamin (Sanskrit: अग्निस्वामिन् , Bengali: অগ্নিস্বামিন্ ).

His brother was Dattasvamin (Sanskrit: दत्तस्वामिन् , Bengali: দত্তস্বামিন্ ).

In 640 CE, Kumarasvamin migrated from Udumbaragahvara in Punjab to Mandsaur in Western Malwa (western Madhya Pradesh). This is recorded in the 640 AD Nogawa Plates of Dharasena II Baladitya of the Maitrakas of Vallabhi who was a contemporary of Gurjara Dadda II and ruled in the Broach or Bharuch region of Gujarat.


607 CE - Maheshvara / महेश्वर / মহেশ্বর
607 CE - Dattasvamin / दत्तस्वामिन्  / দত্তস্বামিন্

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