Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jayram Mukhopadhyay

Jayram Mukhopadhyay  (born est 1828) was a Rarhi Brahmin of Bharadwaja Gotra and a resident of Chandernagore in Hooghly District, having  migrated from Village Ichra in Bankura to Chandernagore.

He was a Moktar by profession and knew Persian. 

He was the son of Udayram Mukhopadhyay (born est 1835). 

Jayram Mukhopadhyay had 5 children.
  • Ramkamal Mukhopadhyay (est 1848)
  • Nilkamal Mukhopadhyay (est 1850)
  • Kali Mukhopadhyay (est 1853)
  • Jadunath Mukhopadhyay (est 1855)
  • Daughter (est 1858)

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