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Agnisvamin (Sanskrit: अग्निस्वामिन् , Bengali: অগ্নিস্বামিন্ )  was a Brahmin (Brahmana) who lived around 640 CE in Udumbaragahvara in Punjab. He was a Chturvedi (knower of 4 Vedas), was of Parashara Gotra and belonged to the Vajasaneya Vedic school.

His father was Kumarasvamin (Sanskrit: कुमारस्वामिन् , Bengali: কুমারস্বামিন্ ).

In 640 CE, Agnisvamin migrated from Udumbaragahvara in Punjab to a village Navagramaka in Mandsaur in Western Malwa (western Madhya Pradesh). This is recorded in the 640 AD Nogawa Plates of Dharasena II Baladitya of the Maitrakas of Vallabhi who was a contemporary of Gurjara Dadda II and ruled in the Broach or Bharuch region of Gujarat.


640 CE - Sangaravi / संगरवि / সংগরবি
640 CE - Dhanapati / धनपति / ধনপতি
642 CE - Surya / सूर्य  / সূর্য়

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