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Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay

Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay (born 1983) is a Finance Professional and Software Consultant with experience in the Banking and Software Industry. He is a Bengali Brahmin belonging to the Rahri category and of Bharadvaja Gotra.

Subhodeep has a keen interest in Indian history from a civilizational perspective, Hindu science and technology and in Tantra Shastra and is an author at IndiaFacts and Matriwords.[1][2]

Subhodeep has authored two books, Ashoka the Ungreat and Legendary Mughal Kings: Homosexuality and Pederasty in South Asia, Pakistan and Bangladesh, available on Amazon Kindle. [3][4][5]

Personal Life

Subhodeep was born in 1983 in London to parents Gourisankar Mukhopadhyay (born 1947) and Sarmishtha Mukhopadhyay (born 1955). He is the oldest of 2 siblings.  

He got married to Shreya Mukhopadhyay (born 1985) in 2011.

Education and Career 

Subhodeep did his schooling from Indian Language School, Nigeria and Sri Aurobindo Institute of Education, Saltlake, Kolkata.

Subhodeep completed his Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Kalyani in 2004. He went on to complete his MBA in Finance from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai in 2010.

Interests and Research

Subhodeep is an active blogger and writer and is the administrator of 5 web-sites/ blogs.
Subhodeep is a Sanskrit enthusiast and is a big critique of communism, multiculturalism, Islam and Christianity and considers them to be "four of the biggest frauds ever perpetuated on mankind". He looks forward to India becoming a Hindu Rashtra in the near future.


Krishnachandra Mukhopadhyay (born c1790)
Govindachandra Mukhopadhyay (born c.1820)
Anukul Chandra Mukhopadhyay (born c.1850)
Nalindranath Mukhopadhyay (born 1886)
Bholanath Mukhopadhyay (born 1916)
Gourisankar Mukhopadhyay (born 1947)


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