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Bengali Brahmin Surnames

In this article, I will talk about some common Bengali Brahmin surnames. In a later article, I will present analysis of the percentage distribution of various surnames among Bengali Brahmins.

Bengali Brahmin Surnames
  • Mukhopadhyay (Sanskrit:  मुखोपाध्याय , Bengali : মুখোপাধ্যায় ) / Mukherjee. Read this note on Mukhopadhyay. 
  • Bandhopadhyay (Sanskrit: बन्द्योपाध्याय  , Bengali : বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় ) / Banerjee. Read wikipedia on Banerjee.
  • Chattopadhyay (Sanskrit: चट्टोपाध्याय  , Bengali : চট্টোপাধ্যায়  ) / Chatterjee. Read Wikipedia on Chatterjee.
  • Gangopadhyay (Sanskrit: गङ्गोपाध्याय  , Bengali : গঙ্গোপাধ্যায় ) / Ganguly. Read Wikipedia on Ganguly.
  • Ghoshal (Sanskrit: घोषाल  , Bengali : ঘোষাল ) 
  • Sanyal (Sanskrit: सान्याल  , Bengali : সান্যাল ) 
  • Bagchi (Sanskrit:  बागची , Bengali : বাগচী ) 
  • Bhaduri (Sanskrit: भादुड़ी  , Bengali : ভাদুড়ী ) 
  • Lahiri (Sanskrit: लाहिड़ी  , Bengali : লাহিড়ী ) 
  • Maitra. Read Wikipedia on Maitra.  (Sanskrit: मैत्र  , Bengali : মৈত্র )  
  • Bhattacharya. Read Wikipedia on Bhattacharya. (Sanskrit: भट्टाचार्य  , Bengali : ভট্টাচার্য ) 
  • Chakraborty (Sanskrit: चक्रबर्ती  , Bengali : চক্রবর্তী ). Read Wikipedia on Chakraborty.
  • Goswami (Sanskrit:  गोस्वामी , Bengali : গোস্বামী ). Read Wikipedia on Goswami.
  • Acharya (Sanskrit: आचार्य  , Bengali : আচার্য ) 
  • Kanjilal (Sanskrit: काञ्जिलाल  , Bengali : কাঞ্জিলাল ) 
  • Patitunda (Sanskrit: पतितुण्ड , Bengali : পতিতুণ্ড ) 
  • Pakrashi (Sanskrit: पाकड़ासी  , Bengali : পাকড়াসী )
Apart from this there are around 50+ other Bengali Brahmin surnames, most of which are either extinct or on the verge of extinction.

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  1. majumdar is brahmin surname due to one upon time they were landor of barendra bhumi exp pabna and majumdar is Barendra Srani Shyam Veda vatsa Gotra

    1. In this article, I have talked about some common Bengali Brahmin surnames. In a later article I will talk also about Brahmin titles, percentage distribution and uncommon/ extinct surnames.

    2. Apnar mataha bole kisu nai

    3. Apnar mataha bole kisu nai

  2. Hi, subhodeep, I am also brahmin and my surame is "Bhowmick"

  3. Hi Subhodeep, if you have any information / knowledge about the origin of the Pakrashi / Pakrasi surname could you please share the same? My email address is
    Suprotim Pakrasi

  4. I have noticed that nowadays, especially in the north people keep brahmin surnames though they would be some SC/ST/OBC etc. i.e full benefit of reservation and not wanting to be known by what they are and keeping brahmin name for camouflage. Isnt'it this insult to injury for us Brahmins? Keeping our surname without any shame and taking benefits. Total injustice.

  5. Can you please explain the differences among brahmins, like rarhi, vaidik, barendra?