Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Purpose of this Blog

What is the relevance of this blog?

Why is it necessary to know the history and culture of Bengali Brahmins? What purpose would it solve? In this day and age of "national integration", why am I writing on a "divisionist" idea like Brahminism, and that too in Bengal? Context: West Bengal is still reeling under the last 35 years of communist regime and is on its way to Islamization. Bangladesh is steadily moving towards a totalitarian Islamic regime, and in fact is almost there. So why this blog then?

You may rest assured, there is a purpose.

While this blog started out as a way for me to document my family history, I later thought that it would be better to explore the history of my family in the context of a wider historical landscape. So I included the history of Bengali Brahmins in my research and have talked about Bengali Brahmins, their uniqueness in certain aspects, their differences from other Indian Brahmins, their culture, their food-habits and so on and so forth. It is especially necessary in the context of Islamization and communist-driven de-hinduization, to at least document, if not preserve the unique culture and way of life of Bengali Brahmins.

Bengalis, similar to other Hindus feel happy and "liberal" when they berate themselves. Hence they will talk and focus exclusively on the evil of the kulin system of Brahmins. While it is true that the Kulina system in latter days assumed a notorious form, it is also true that it was Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar who gave us language, that it was Rabindranath Tagore who gave us culture and our national anthem, and that it was Raghunandan Bhattacharya who saved Hindusim in Bengal during its darkest days. Under no circumstances can the contribution of Brahmins in Bengal be denied or ignored.

The purpose of this blog is thus manifold.
a. To understand my own family history and trace their culture and migration over the last few centuries
b. To understand the history and culture of Bengali Brahmins
c. To understand deep ancestry (my own and Bengali Brahmins) from a genetic point of view
d. To understand the impact that Islam has had on the Bengali Brahmins way of life, over the last 800 - 900 years
e. To understand the impact of communist rule in West Bengal and it's single-minded agenda of destroying everything Hindu in West Bengal
f. To answer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) given below.

1. Who was King Adisura?
2. Where is Kolancha?
3. What has been the impact of Islam on Bengal Brahmin way of life?
4. Classification of Bengali Brahmin
5. Origin of Bengali Brahmins
6. Do Oriya brahmins eat fish?
7. Do Tamil Brahmins eat non vegetarian food?
8. Why are Bengali Brahmins non vegetarian?
9. What are the food habits, diet, cuisine of Bengali Brahmins?
10. Ancestory of Bengali Brahmins.
11. Brahmins from Bengal
12. Why is fish eaten by Bengali Brahmins?
13. Why do Bengali Brahmins not eat chicken?

---- END ----

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  1. খুব সুন্দর কাজ হাতে নিয়েছেন, দাদা। অভিন্দন।
    সম্প্রতি মহালয়া গেল। পিতৃতর্পণ ও তার মন্ত্রগুলি নিয়ে যদি একটু আলোচনা করেন, ভাল লাগবে।

    কৌশিক চট্টোপাধ্যায়

  2. Thank you Mr Chattopadhyay!

    I am glad you appreciate my small efforts.

    pitRRi tarpan niye ami nishchoi AlochonA korbo- ektu shudhu shomoy deben amake. Bengla, Sanskrita ebong English (ITRANS-ey) mantra saha tar byakhya deowar prochesta korbo kichu diner modheai.

    Thank you very much for the wonderful suggestion.

    Amar icchey astey astey amar Banaglider Pujar riti o manatra guli, nitya karma paddhati, digitize kora - both in Bengali and Sanskrit. Amar ekti bhinno blog-ey ami shudhu mantra (Adya Stotra etc), ebong vaidik paddhati, darshan ityadi niye alochana kori. Icche holey okhaneo jete paaren.


    Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay

  3. Excellent effort. I started a similar project to look for my ancestry and history of "Bandyopadhyay" but I am not in history and it is difficult to go deeper without knowing sanskrit well. You are doing a grand job. Thanks for sharing all the information..


  4. I am a Mukherjee from Krishnanagar but my great grandfather(1850+/- 20 )left Krishnnagar and went to Baripada in orissa. He was in forest service. he also acquired couple of mines in jharia. we are probasi sinec then. would like to trace the origin further. I would be glad if you can help.

  5. Hello Shubhodeep,
    Aami Rajdeep, ami akjon Bandyopadhyay, Aami nije Shri Shri Durga Puja kori, taai ei Pujo-y Babohrito montra-guli abong taader byakhyaa dite sahajjo korte paari. Khuuub bhaalo laaglo Blog-ti pore, akke-baare aamaar moner kothaa-gulo lekhaa aachhe.

    Khuuub bhaalo laaglo.
    Please keep the good work on.