Monday, March 21, 2011

On Kulina system among Radhi brahmins - 05

To summarize the significant events and time-lines of kulin-ization among rADhi Bengali brahmins:

1. Around 800 to 825 AD: During the reign of kshitishUra (early 9th century AD) [son of bhUshUra ( ~790 AD)], rADhi Bengali brahmins were classified into 56 groups based on the name of the village granted to them

2. Around 1050 AD: During the reign of dharashUra (~1050 AD), the great grandson of kshitishUra, rADhi brahmins were classified into two categories - kUlAchala (22 villages) and sachChrOtriya (34 villages).

3. Around 1170 AD: During the reign of King vallAla sena (1158 to 1178 AD), rADhi kUlAchala brahmins were classified as mukhya kUlina (19 people from 8 kUlAchala villages) and gauna kUlina (some people from the remaining 14 kUlAchala villages).

4. Around 1195 AD: During the reign of lakshmana sena, modifications were made to the rank's of mukhya and gauna kUlinas.

Around 1250 AD
Subsequent to these events, further modifications to kUlina ranks took place during the reign of deva king danauja mAdhava (around 1250 AD) (as per dhruvAnanda's mahAvaMshAvali and maheshvara's nirdoShkUlapanjikA). By this time, the 22 kUlAchala villages had a total of 508 Brahmins.

People deemed to be of equal rank during various iterations is as listed below:

Iteration 1
1. udbhaba, son of shiro ghoShAla
2. gadadhara, son of shisho gAngUlI
3. govinda, son of bahurUpa chaTTa
4. jayapAni, son of jAhlAna bandya

Iteration 2:
1. kitO, son of bAngAla chaTTa
2. mahAdeva, son of maheshvara bandya
3. Udhbhava, son of Ahita mukho

Iteration 3:
1. dAsharathI, son of makaranda bandya
2. vinayaka, son of makaranda bandya
3. mahAdeva, son of UtsAha mukho
4. laulika, son of Ahita mukho
5. yogi, son of devala bandya

Iteration 4:
1. chandra, son of kriShNa kAnjIlAla
2. kOch, son of UdhoghoSha
3. shrIdhara, son of Ishana bandya
4. gAhI, son of bahurUpa chaTTa
5. halayUdha, son of gado gAngUlI
6. shiko, son of govardhana putItunDa
7. chAku, son of govinda chaTTa
8. ShaShtIvara, son of roshAkara kUndalAla
9. tiko, son of mAhadeva bandya
10. pUro, son of mAhadeva bandya
11. nrisiMha, son of kito chaTTa
12. vishsveshvara, son of mAhadeva mukho

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