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On Kulina system among Rāḍhi Brahmins - 04

As mentioned earlier, as per tradition:

1. During the reign of Khitīśūra [son of Bhūśūra ], Rāḍhi Bengali Brahmins were classified into 56 groups based on the name of the village granted to them
2. During the reign of Dharāśūra, the great grandson of Khitīśūra, Rāḍhi Brahmins were classified into two categories - kulācala (22 villages) and  sacchrotriya [satśrotriya] (34 villages).
3. During the reign of Vallāla sena (1158 to 1178 C.E), Rāḍhi kulācala Brahmins were classified as mukhya kulin (19 people from 8 kulācala villages) and gauna kulin (some people from the remaining 14 kulācala villages).

Subsequent to that during the reign of Lakshmaṇa Sena (1178 - 1206), a further revision of the mukhya kulin group took place owing to differences in opinion among the 19 people with regards to who was better. Lakshmaṇa Sena intervened and after extensive dialog with all parties involved came up with a set of additional normalization rules based on additional parameters.

People deemed equal based on the new parameters:

Group 1
1. Ahita, son of utsAha mukho
2. bahurUpa, son of shrIkara chaṭṭo
3. shira, son of piṅgala ghoshAla
4. govardhana, son of UtsAha putitunḍa
5. shisho, son of kulapati gAṅguli
6. makaranda, son of mahAdeva bandya
7. jAhlAna, son of shakUni bandya

Group 2
1. aravinda, son of laulika chaṭṭa
2. halayUdha, son of nAndo chaṭṭa
3. shucha, son of laulika chaṭṭa
4. bAngAla, son of shrIkanṭha chaṭṭa
5. devala, son of dharmAṅgshu bandya
6. maheshvara, son of shakuni bandya
7. Ishana, son of vaidyanAtha bandya
8. roshAkara, son of visheshavara kundalAla
9. bAdali, so of garuḍa mukho
10. vAmana, son of dharmAngshu bandya
11. pandita, son of garuḍa mukho
12. abhyAgata, son of UtsAha mukho
13. kriShṇa, son of hingUla kAn~jilAla
14. kUtUhala, son of varaha kAñji

A total of 21 people were thus involved in lakshmana sena's mukhya kulin normalization - of these 17 people were a part of Vallāla sena's kula grant. On the death of utsAha mukho and garuḍa mukho, their sons Ahita and abhyAgata (of UtsAha) and bAdali and paNDita (of garuḍa) were granted mukhya kulin status.
[ These notes are based on Banger Jatiya Itihash, Vol 1, By Shri Nagendranath Basu]

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