Monday, March 14, 2011

On the division of Bengal Brahmins into Rāḍhi and Vārendra

These notes are based on Banger Jatiya Itihas, Vol I, by Shri Nagendranath Basu:

After the reign of ādiśūra of Gauḍa, his son, Bhūśūra came to the throne. At that time, Dharmapāla  (770 - 810 C.E) of the Pala dynasty annexed the capital of Gauḍa, Puṇḍravardhana, from Bhūśūra. and subsequently Bhūśūra came to the country of Rāḍha land and established his new kingdom there.

Among the Brahmins of Gauḍa whom ādiśūra had earlier brought from Kolañca (and their descendants), those who came along with Bhūśūra to Rāḍha came to be known as Rāḍhi brahmins. Those who continued residing in their previous place at Vārendrabhūmi came to be known as Vārendra Brahmin.

The original Sārasvata Brahmins of Gauḍa (those who had been migrating since ancient times from areas around river Sarasvatī to Gauḍa) eventually came to be known as sātśatī a.k.a saptaśatī.

The 5 rADhi brahmnis were:
1. bhattanArAyaNa of shAndilya gotra
2. shrIharsha of bharadvAja gotra
3. daksha of kAshyapa gotra
4. chAndaDa of vAtsya gotra
5. vedagarbha of sAvarna gotra

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