Saturday, March 12, 2011

On the date of migration of the Sāgnika Paṁcabrāhmaṇa (5 Brahmins) - 04

1. According to the ancient genealogist (kulācārya) harimishra, King ādiśūra ruled before Pala king Devapāla (ruled 810–850 AD). Thus, time period of migration of the Sāgnika Paṁcabrāhmaṇa (ancestors of todday's Bengal Brahmins) would have been prior to 810 C.E.

2. According to the vārendra lāhedi vaṁśāvali, King Dharmapāla (ruled 770 to 810 AD), donated a village to ādigāyin ojhā, the son of bhaṭṭanārāyaṇa.

a. assuming that the donation happened somewhere in the middle of his reign in 790 C.E
b. and assuming that ādigāyin ojhā was 40 years of age at that time
c. and assuming a generation gap of 25 years

Bhaṭṭanārāyaṇa, one of the five Brahmins who came to Bengal, was a resident of Bengal during ~725 C.E.

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