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On the date of migration of the Sāgnika Paṁcabrāhmaṇa (5 Brahmins) - 05

As per rAjataraMgiNi (the chronicles of kings of Kashmir):

When King of Kashmir Lalitaditya embarked on his conquest of Gauda (Bengal), both Gauda and Magadha were completely under the influence of Buddhism. Gauda was not ruled by one ruler, rather it was composed of multiple fragmented kingdoms. Subsequent to that, a Hindu king called Jayanta established his kingdom in Poundravardhana. Gauda was under the influence of Buddhism both before and after (during the pAla's rule) the reign of King Jayanta.

Lalitaditya's son Jayaditya (ruled from 745 to 776 AD) came to Gauda (in disguise) during the reign of King Jayanta. He displayed exemplary courage by killing a ferocious lion, and King Jayanta impressed by his fearlessness and courage, offered his daughter Kalyanadevi's hand in marriage to Jayaditya. Jayaditya defeated all the kings in Pancha Gauda and established his father in law Jayanta as the Suprme Ruler or AdIshUra (Adisura/ Adishwara).

As per harimishrA's genealogical text, King Adisura of Pancha Gauda, brought 5 sagnika brahmins from Kolancha. These 5 Brahmins were kshitish,a medhAtithi, vItarAga, sudhAnidhi and soubhari.

Moreover all the genealogical texts agree on one point that when Adisura brought the 5 Brahmins, Gauda was not under Buddhist rule.

Nagendranath Basu in his treatise "Banger Jatiya Itihaash" infers from this that King Jayaditya was actually King Adisura given that there was no other king who fulfills all these criteria.

Thus, time period of migration would have been during the period 740 to 780 AD.

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