Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A new theory on why we migrated to Chandernagore

Today, I heard a new theory from my Dad about why our ancestors migrated from Krishnanagar to Chandernagore. Dad was talking to his choto-pishima (paternal aunt who is 90 years old) when she narrated a theory. And here is her story.

Apparently, the first ancestor (either Krishnachandra or one of his ancestors) came by boat to Chandernagore (in those days travel by water was the only option) to visit Kuntir Mela which was a very popular festival back then (and even now perhaps). He was extremely overjoyed to find an area like Goswami Ghat with such a significant population of Brahmins.

He liked the place so much that he decided to make this place his home. He bought a significant amount of land in and around Boro Champa Tola for Rs 500. Eventually he migrated from his native village Ghurni, (which is famous for its clay dolls) near Krishnanagar to Chandernagore. Later he was also gifted a large amount of land (by some one) and hence the name Bromhottor.

And that apparently is how, the Mukhopadhyay clan (to which I belong) originated in Chandernagore.

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